Regarding Custom Domains

If you wish to have your bookstore on a custom domain ( instead of
There is no extra fee if you already have the domain name, but you will need to point the domain to our nameservers (due to technical reasons, it must be dedicated solely to being a bookstore).
We can obtain and set up a new domain name for you, if the one you want is available. After you set up your billing account, you will be brought back here to set up your bookstore. If you choose to have us grab your domain, you will have a chance to tell us what domain name you would like.
There is never any extra fee to have your bookstore located in an subfolder. Not using a custom domain is the fastest, easiest way to set up a bookstore. The only trade-off is that your URL will start with followed by your chosen name, instead of just
You can always change your mind later, and switch your choice on this option. There is no problem with changing your settings. It is easy do, right within our online control panel.