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Instructor Manual: Secrets To Home Bible Study Success [Paperback]







Paperback: Six sessions, 1-hour each. Includes session reviews, and simple final test

To the Apostolic Pentecostal Pastor or Outreach Director:

If you have saints that know the doctrine, but you find yourself asking, “Why aren’t more of them winning souls?” then this course is for you. Although seemingly little stands in their way, some of these knowledgeable saints still have trouble overcoming their fears and becoming the powerful soulwinners God wants them to be.

This is not just another Bible study; it’s a HOW TO course for those who want to be successful home Bible study soulwinners. In Session One you will rekindle your saints’ motivation to win souls. Session Two introduces an innovative and effective program to remove fear and overcome shyness. In the following sessions you’ll transfer in a short time important tips that often require years for even the most outgoing soulwinners to learn on their own. You will teach them how to: get home Bible study commitments, pick the right study, conduct the study, close the study with results and win the soul. Even your shyest saints can gain the confidence needed to take control of a living room or dining-table study and influence lost souls toward God.

The course is designed for the pastor or outreach director to teach to solid saints as a series of six (one-hour) sessions, each with its own “review” section. Later, a very simple “final test” is given. Graduates may be awarded a certificate. Items available: this Instructor Manual (which includes the Final Test), Student Syllabus (fill-in-the-blank worksheets which include the Session Reviews), and Graduation Certificates.

If the pastor and a few gifted extroverts are the only ones active in winning souls, the church will experience but a fraction of its potential. To fulfill the massive revival that God is pouring out for us, we must strive toward a much higher vision: each and every saint being a burdened and effective soulwinner. This course can play a key role in converting more of your solid saints into powerful home Bible study soulwinners.

Six sessions, 1-hour each. Includes session reviews, and simple final test



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