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Bundled Set: New Immortal + Tesseract [Paperback]

Skyport Chronicles, books 1 & 2







Paperback: Get two books for one low price!

New Immortal (Skyport Chronicles, #1)

ISBN: 1628830034

The prophecy foretold that the dragon's imprisonment would last a thousand years. Now that age is ending, and the ultimate evil is rising. Daniel Talbot is one of many raptured believers serving in the royal court of Jesus during the prophesied Millennial Kingdom age. Daniel never expected to be part of a counter-espionage team, but he and his fellow immortals are called upon to use every skill they possess in the fight against evil. Mixing sci-fi with amazing prophecies from the Bible about the end-time, Doug Joseph takes readers on a fast-paced adventure that looks at humanity, demons, prophecy, and salvation.

154 pages — YA Fiction, Christian, Futuristic | Science-Fiction | Christian Prophecy

Tesseract (Skyport Chronicles, #2)

ISBN: 1628830050

Tess is smart, courageous, and beautiful, yet she has suffered a terrible tragedy. Daniel, her childhood sweetheart, strives to help her overcome it. Meanwhile, in another space-time, a moon world called Sset is home to the Corlan, a sinless race blessed with genetic memory. Not a single Corlan has ever died ... yet. Eventually, Tess and Daniel are miraculously called to Sset when a terrible evil blights the moon world’s surface and threatens to wipe out the Corlan. Their destiny seems overwhelming. Will they be able to spare the Corlan species from extinction? Teleport with Tess and Daniel to a place beyond time, space, & imagination. Tesseract will transform you in mind-stretching ways.

184 pages — YA Fiction, Christian, Futuristic | Science-Fiction | Adventure | Romance

From the Author: “What might await us in the endless future beyond the Millennial Kingdom, past the great white throne on Judgment Day? Could God have created many different peoples on other worlds? Might He have created other universes or other inhabited dimensions entirely disconnected from this one? If so, the future could be very interesting indeed. You are invited to enjoy pondering some of the limitless possibilities.”

Note: The "See Inside The Book" content is from Tesseract (#2). To see inside book #1, New Immortal, click its link here on the site.

Get two books for one low price!



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