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Paperback: 172 pages, 20 illustrations, Autobiography / Personal Memoirs | Faith

Josiah’s Gift

A heartfelt true story about ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances

By Sara E. McLeod

Acclaim for Josiah’s Gift: “...One of those rare books that impacted me profoundly. And the twist at the end—I thought I saw it coming (and I was amazed at the thought), but then it went beyond....” —Doug Joseph, Bestselling author of the Skyport Chronicles "Ms. McLeod's book was simply...beautiful. She writes in a way that is personable, funny, and real. You feel like you're right there with her, experiencing everything she did. Josiah's Gift made me laugh, a lot, and cry. Yet, in the midst of terrible circumstances, there is tremendous hope, and an incredible miracle. If you let it, this story has the power to change your life."  — Christina Li, Bestselling author, journalist and motivational speaker Description: Live,... [read more]

172 pages, 20 illustrations, Autobiography / Personal Memoirs | Faith | ISBN: 1628830042 / 978-1628830040

Retail Price: $15.95 | Sale Price: $14.99 | Status: In Stock

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