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CAC's 40th Anniversary Cookbook

By Christian Apostolic Church

This beautiful cookbook not only has over 180 delicious recipes by past and present CAC members and friends, it also has a wonderful summary of the history of Christian Apostolic Church in its front pages. Thank you for joining us in celebration of our 40th anniversary!


Over 180 delicious recipes + wonderful church history = awesome 40th anniversary cookbook!

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The Life and Ministry of Billy and Shirley Cole

By Billy Cole & Shirley Cole, as told to Doug Joseph & LaDonna Joseph

More people received the baptism of Holy Ghost under Billy Cole's ministry than any other preacher or minister in the entire history of the Church. In the introduction, he recounts when God gave him faith to raise a woman from the dead, and how it happened. Billy Cole was one of the greatest men of God to live on this earth from the time of the Book of Acts until now. He was a chosen vessel of God, filled with faith, and mightily anointed. God used him to do amazing miracles. You will not be able to put this book down! “It’s hard to know exactly what to say about my friends, Billy and Shirley Cole. I feel very confident that no other man and his wife have made any more impact on world evangelism in our day than these two unique individuals. As it was said of Goliath’s sword, so can it be said of this dynamic duo of divine destiny—there is none like them. I have never encountered a man and woman whose most magnificent obsession exceeded this couple’s commitment to salvation for the regions beyond. While most of the time Billy traveled and Shirley stayed home, the burden of reaching the lost is a shared one. Only eternity will measure what this one man and this one woman have accomplished in their lifetimes for the Kingdom of God. Thousands, even millions, will rise to call them both blessed.” —T. F. Tenney Noted [...] [read more]

ISBN: 1419672487 / 9781419672484

256 pages. Illustrated with over 90 photos!

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The Book of Salvation

God's Instruction on How to Be Saved

By Fred Beall & Doug Joseph

Just as the open road beckons your bike, the path to God's salvation calls to your soul. The Holy Bible's Book of Acts, plus helpful tips, are all inside. The Bible answers very important questions such as: • Is there life after death? • Is there a heaven and hell? • What does it truly take to be saved from sin and escape hell? This book is easy to read and small enough to carry with you in your vest pocket. It contains everything you ever wanted to know about how to be saved - the Bible way. This is a publication of Azusa StreetRiders - The Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ. Visit us online at:

ISBN: 1453839801 / 9781453839805

Pocket-sized soulwinning tool, 198 pages. Contains a complete copy of the Book of Acts!

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Surprised by God

With Pancreatic Cancer

By Susan D. Smith

"Don't tell me about a God who can't. Let me tell you about a God who can! He has, and He will!" —Susan D. Smith This is the story of how God carried Susan through cancer to total remission. This is not a preachy self-help book or a tidy little novel. You are about to read the honest blogs of a regular believer who lived through some gut-wrenching tribulations. These journal entries reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly. Above it all, the unifying thread is the amazing grace and wonderful help of our great Savior and God-the Lord Jesus Christ.

ISBN: 978-1475093063

Non-fiction, Autobiographic, 221 pages, for Young Adults and Up

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Josiah’s Gift

A heartfelt true story about ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances

By Sara E. McLeod

Acclaim for Josiah’s Gift: “...One of those rare books that impacted me profoundly. And the twist at the end—I thought I saw it coming (and I was amazed at the thought), but then it went beyond....” —Doug Joseph, Bestselling author of the Skyport Chronicles "Ms. McLeod's book was simply...beautiful. She writes in a way that is personable, funny, and real. You feel like you're right there with her, experiencing everything she did. Josiah's Gift made me laugh, a lot, and cry. Yet, in the midst of terrible circumstances, there is tremendous hope, and an incredible miracle. If you let it, this story has the power to change your life."  — Christina Li, Bestselling author, journalist and motivational speaker Description: Live, laugh, want, and weep with a young couple in their endearing true story about their journey of daunting choices and heartfelt decisions that eventually led to both misery and a miracle. In her powerful debut title, Sara McLeod masterfully touches heartstrings, evoking both laughter and tears, as she bestows dignity and hope to everyone who has ever bucked the societal norm to do what they felt in their heart to be right. While navigating an emotional minefield (and even a literal one as well!) David and Sara encounter unexpected twists of fate and, finally, an unimaginable capstone making this [...] [read more]

ISBN: 1628830042 / 978-1628830040

172 pages, 20 illustrations, Autobiography / Personal Memoirs | Faith

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Repent and Be Baptized Every One of You

By Mary Khweis

Miraculous events described in the Book of Acts should be happening in most local congregations today. Why are they not? One answer is that we are not applying biblical precepts as we should. Yet God is awakening a mighty army of faith warriors who are established on the Word of God. Be a part of this army! Be powerful for Him! Start by being obedient to basic precepts that are often neglected by many! Any orders of 50 or more books for Bible study/Evangelism are only $8.95 each. You save over 40% per book! To order 50 or more at wholesale price, enter Vendor Code souls on this order page!

ISBN: 978-1475183610 / 1475183615

Non-fiction, 74 pages, Christian Doctrinal Study on Water Baptism

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Our Historical Stepping Stones to the West Virginia District

A History of the East Central / West Virginia District

By Her People • Compiled and Edited by Rev. Daniel Scott

A beautiful and stirring account of important history spanning three Oneness-Pentecostal organizations: • Pentecostal Church, Inc. • Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ • United Pentecostal Church International This is the book we have been desiring for years! The history of the West Virginia District, its pioneers, churches, and annual Youth Camps.

ISBN: 1234567890

198 pages of fabulous historical information and full color pictures on coated stock.

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